Friday, September 2, 2016

Update Rollup 11: Protect VMware VMs with DPM!


Microsoft just released Update Rollup 11 for DPM and today is the day many of us has been waiting for: Support for backup and restore of VMware virtual machines at vCenter/ESXi-level!

Here is some other highlights of VMware VM backup with DPM:
  • Agentless backup
  • Backup at vCenter or ESXi level
  • Backup VMware VM folders
  • Ability to do ILR
  • Protect large data center using DPM Scale Out
  •  Backup to Disk/Cloud
Want to start testing the new features right away?
  1. Go the Microsoft Update Catalog and download UR11 (Remeber: No restart needed for production-agents if you are UR6 or above!) :
  2. Have a look at the 2½min video that provides value prop and overview of VMware VM backup: Announcing VMware VM Backup using System Center Data Protection Manager
  3. Check out this guide on how to configure backup of VMware VMs in four steps:
    Four simple steps to backup VMware VMs using SC DPM
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Markus Eliasson

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