Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Troubleshoot ID 30111: VssError: The specified object was not found

Hi folks,

Here's a quick solution how to fix the following error in DPM in a scenario where you have configured Online Snapshot-protection of a virtual machine:
The VSS application writer or the VSS provider is in a bad state. Either it was already in a bad state or it entered a bad state during the current operation. (ID 30111 Details: VssError: The specified object was not found. (0x80042308))

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that the virtual machine is not deleted in Hyper-V/VMM.
  2. Modify the protection group where you configured protection for the virtual machine.
  3. Expand your Hyper-V cluster and locate your virtal machine in the "Modify Group"-wizard.
  4. Expand the virtual machine and make sure the checkbox for "Hyper-V\Online\ServerName" is checked.
  5. Complete the "Modify Group"-wizard by clicking Next untill it updates the configuration.
  6. When you succesfully have created a recovery point for the virtual machine; Stop the protection of the failing datasource.

Problem cause:

This problem will occur when a virtual machine gets clooned or deleted and then recreated again with the same name.