Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Troubleshoot DPM Service unable to start, unable to remove agents and 9xx-errors in the Event Viewer

Quick post on one thing to check if you are expericening the following symtoms/issues on a DPM-server:
  • DPM AccessManager Service not starting 
  • DPM Accessmanager Service fails to start
  • DPM service not starting or having trouble restarting
  • Msdpm cannot be found
  • Unable to remove agents
  • Various 9xx errors in the event viewer

*** Important! Always create a backup of the DPM-database before doing any changes! ***
  1. Open SQL Management Studio on the dpm server and connect to the instance of your DPM sql engine
  2. Go to DPMDatabase (in my case: DPMDB_2012) > Tables > dbo.tbl_DLS_GlobalSetting
  3. Choose "Edit the top 200 rows" of that table and you will find a property called: DBRecovery
  4. The value should be 0, sometimes while doing dpmsyncs and other attempted repairs to dpm, this will be set to 1 and never change back to 0. 

I hope this will help someone with their troubleshooting!


  1. THX. Big help. But sometimes is this this not enought. Command "dpmsync -sync" will do it.

  2. Perfect. Once again, Markus, your solutions have been a great help.